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1.Asus ZenWatch 3

 A huge change over its forerunners

 Similarity: Android 4.3+, iOS8.2+ |

Display: 1.39″ 400 x 400 AMOLED |

Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100 |

Onboard stockpiling: 4GB |

Battery span: Up to 48h |

Charging strategy: Magnetic pogo stick |

IP rating: IP67 |

Connectivity: Wi-Fi,


 Ravishing display Excellent fabricate quality Lacks heart rate screen, GPS, NFCProprietary straps confine customization alternatives

Asus isn’t a conspicuous name to connect with Android Wear watches, however with the ZenWatch 3 it has more than earned set up.

Accessible at $229 (around £190, AU$340), Asus’ most recent is one of your best wagers, particularly since it is Android Wear 2.0-perfect.

How about android app store we gone through the rundown of good qualities. It has an extraordinary show, helpful equipment catches and great battery life. It’s styling won’t not be for everybody but rather Asus made an estimable showing with regards to outlining a watch that looks more like a top notch watch than a bit of dormant innovation.

2. Huawei Watch 2

A very much furnished  smart watchwith an excessive number of components

Similarity: Android 4.3+, iOS 8.2+ |


Display: 1.2″ 390 x 390

Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100 |

Onboard stockpiling: 4GB |

Battery span: Up to 48h |

Charging strategy: Conductive USB-C charger |

IP rating: IP68 |

Connectivity: Wi-Fi,

Bluetooth, 3G + 4G LTE

 Worked in GPS and NFC Optional 4G model Screen too small Performance can be languid

The Huawei Watch 2 is an endeavor by the Chinese organization to enlarge the utilization of Android Wear watches. Huawei has attempted to incorporate an assortment of new elements in its most recent smart watch and it’s not by any means clear in the event that it has prevailing with the Watch 2.

We like the implicit GPS and NFC on the look and in addition the choice to have a 4G display, however the Watch 2 can be drowsy and the screen is excessively little for a few.

3. Moto 360 (2015)

The previous lord

Similarity: Android (Full), iPhone (Limited) |

Display: 1.56″ 360 x 330 IPS LCD |

Processor: Quad-center 1.2 GHz |

Band sizes: 20mm-22mm |

Onboard stockpiling: 4GB |

Battery span: Up to 48h |

Charging technique: Wireless |

IP rating: IP67

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

 Lovely design Improved performance Battery life remains subpar Flat tire bezel is back

The first Moto 360, discharged in 2014 immediately earned the commendations of clients, for bundling up Google’s youngster OS in some super appealing bundling. What’s more, the 2015 release of the watch expands on this – giving seemingly the best Android Wear involvement to date.

The watch comes in two distinct sizes: 42mm and 46mm, and is runs marginally more smoothly than its ancestor on account of the enhanced processor. The round-screen makes it feel marginally more common than catapulting a square show on to your wrist. The main thing that truly feels lacking is GPS bolster – implying that it can’t locally track your voyages.

Furthermore, one other feedback that has been leveled at the 360 is the battery life – that watches out for go for 48 hours, best case scenario. Be that as it may, at any rate this still means your watch will in any case be keeping you educated long after your Apple Watch-wearing associates have fled to search for an attachment.




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