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We have needed to say goodbye to the Sony Smartwatch 3 and LG Watch Urbane from our rundown as it’s hard to purchase a good android watch , yet there’s another section from the Huawei Watch 2 in our best Android Wear watches list.

After a precarious begin, Google’s Android Wear is an inexorably develop stage on account of the current refresh to Android Wear 2.0.


The android watch conveys various new elements to the OS. You’ll have the capacity to answer all the more effectively to messages coordinate from the watch, with enhanced penmanship acknowledgment and even the expansion of a little console (which accompanies prescient content).

It additionally highlights Google Assistant appropriate on the watch, giving you access to the internet searcher’s abundance of information about practically everything.

Maybe the greatest change is that applications will now have the capacity to run free of your telephone – implying that the handling will be done on the Android Wear gadget itself. This implies you can leave your telephone at home in the event that you need to go for a run – and that applications on your watch ought to ideally be a little speedier as well.

This new liven prompts yet another advantage of getting locally available with Android Wear 2.0: these watches can run the full understanding, notwithstanding when associated with an iPhone. Beforehand, the iOS experience was a long ways of what Android proprietors had. Those days are over.

The main influx of new Android Wear watches and android wear have hit the market and obviously, they have wound up at the highest priority on our rundown. In any case, with numerous more to come for the current year, keep a post for this page to get a considerably more regular shake-up than expected.


Here are the best Android Wear watches available.


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Best Android Wear watch confronts that you can download now

  1. LG Watch Style


The most slender and best Android Wear smartwatch yet

Similarity: Android 4.3+, iOS8.2+ |

Display: 1.2″ 360 x 360 P-OLED |

Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100 |

Onboard stockpiling: 4GB |

Battery term: Up to 24h |

Charging technique: Conductive USB charger |

IP rating: IP67 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Price: ₹39999


Maliciously great looking Reasonably priced Disappointing battery life Lacks NFC and more extensive availability


The LG Watch Style (worked in a joint effort with Google) offers everything that is to love from the best Android Wear smartwatches, trench the feared punctured tire, at that point fills in the crevice with cool, helpful components and a ton of… style.

Roll that all up and you’re left with an amazingly appealing introduction that makes a relentless solid contention for Google’s wearable stage. Be that as it may, there are some well-known wrinkles here.

Battery life is as yet a low point, and, as autonomous as Android Wear 2.0 cases to be, Google is still in the beginning of filling the new Play Store with perfect applications that are sufficiently tempting to trouble with beside its own. The Style’s allure lies more in what it will be soon, instead of what it is at dispatch.

All things considered, it’s anything but difficult to express why the Style is the main smartwatch we need to put on our wrists. For $249 (£249/AU$325, yet not affirmed for AU), it offers the same amount of utility as earlier smartwatch endeavors, yet raises the stakes with a thin, dashing plan and a few welcome elements, similar to the voice-enacted Google Assistant and a revived UI that is loaded with cunning changes.


  1. LG Watch Sport


Google’s Android cell phone for your wrist

Similarity: Android 4.3+, iOS 8.2+ |

Display: 1.38″ 480 x 480 P-OLED |

Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100 |

Onboard stockpiling: 4GB |

Battery span: Up to 48h |

Charging technique: Conductive USB-C charger |

IP rating: IP68 |

Connectivity: Wi-Fi,

Bluetooth, 3G + 4G LTE


Breaks absolutely free from the smartphone Best-in-class availability and performance Battery falls short Full usefulness requires SIM card

The LG Watch Sport comes prepared to play, offering more ringers, shrieks and watch faces than some other smartwatch or wellness tracker to date.

Featured by Android Wear 2.0, this element stuffed watch makes a big appearance the long-late move up to Google’s almost three-year old wearable s programming.

What you get is a cleaner, yet more hearty interface, one that powers what’s probable be your first LTE-associated smartwatch – in case you’re in the US it can work fine and dandy without a telephone adjacent, for a little charge.

It’s a muscular looking watch, worked for wellness following on account of a heart rate screen, GPS chip, gauge and waterproof packaging. You can even track quality preparing. Google to Apple: “Do you even lift?” Apple’s answer is “No.”

In case you’re searching for a constantly associated smartwatch made all the more insightful by Google Assistant, this is your best choice now by far.

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