How To Turn Android app development Into Success

What Is Android app development and How Does It Work

Smartphones have changed the way by which we get the information. The medium of information as changed from book to newspapers and finally the smartphones.  It is truly the era of internet and mobile phones. Today the world revolves around android app development featuring ,mobiles apps, from reading news, to watching movies to learning the programming codes and plying games.  In 21st century mobiles apps has changed the way we live our life, the way we do our job and the way we enjoy our favorite pastimes. Android has changed the life of over billions of people. There are more than 2 billion mobile phone users in the world and over 85% of them use the android mobile phones.

There are over 1 billion android devices in the world today. Hardware like android watches, android wear, android phone android IOT, android robots, android microwave and many more. Android is the future operating system of most of the future hardware devices, computing systems and clouds management software’s.

Who is this for?

This course is expected for individuals who need to make native  apps on Android. It is important to have a decent knowledge  of Java before starting the programming . In case  that you don’t know Java, please consider taking this starting Java course first.

About this course Skip Course Description

This course is meant and designed for students in such a way taking into consideration that they are new to programming and need to figure out how to create Android applications. You’ll figure out how to make an Android architecture with Android Studio and run and debug the app. Your will learn the fundamentals of android programming and understand the key concepts of android solutions. You will learn all the skill set and the process that are used to develop android apps. In the duration of few months one can have a good command over UI designs using xml. The student would be able to develop two small apps and can upload them into play store.

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